Rear end parts

Part and components used on the rear of race cars

108 mm weld on CV adaptors Alloy bladed roll bar kit
108 mm weld on CV adaptorsAlloy bladed roll bar kit

108 mm CV adaptors , these can be welded onto any gearbox CV to adapt them to ford fitting CV joints , tapped M10 

Alloy bladed anti roll bar kit , detachable alloy blades and stainless steel roll bar shaft machined with hex ends for rblade positionoing (customer will have to specify bar width plus angle of blades , as ,made individual for each application)
Alloy brake brackets Axle shaft clamp 30mm
Alloy brake bracketsAxle shaft clamp 30mm

alloy brake bracket to fit our bearing carrier , priced individualy

axle clamp to fit 30mm axle shaft , Ideal for F600 , stops the axle sliding sideways
CV adapters 100mm to 108mm CV Spacer
CV adapters 100mm to 108mm CV Spacer

CV adapters , to convert 100mm cv flanges or outputs to 108mm ( priced each )

Aluminium CV spacer , available for 100mm or 108mm (please state when ordering ) just alows a little more movement on the cv splines if your shafts are close to the limit 

Driveshafts FWD rear arm hub kit
Driveshafts FWD rear arm hub kit

Driveshafts made to order any length and most splines , we can do different splines each end to patterns , please contact us for prices and availability 

stub axles , mounting plates , alloy hubs , lightweight discs , hub caps and bearings to fit your trailing rear arms , drilled for 108 and 100 mm PCD wheels
Junior Special adjustable strut tops Rear arm bush
Junior Special adjustable strut topsRear arm bush

adjustable strut tops for junior specials , price is per pair 

Steel weld in rear arm bush to fit into 42mm OD tube (36mm ID ) , available in 3/4 or 5/8 unf just let us know when ordering

Rear Arm Kit rear disk kit (per side )
Rear Arm Kitrear disk kit (per side )

Rear Arm kit , complete kit to build a set of rear arms to your dimensions , comes with 4 threaded inserts , 2 rear arm tubes , 2 tube end plates , 2 rear arm cross tubes and 4 18" tubes 

Rear disc kit with alloy spacers to enable the disc to be mounted directly on the back of the drive flange ( drive flange will need drilling and tapping M10)  , second picture shows the disc fitted to rear hub 

Rear shock bracket kit Rear Shock Mounts (pair)
Rear shock bracket kitRear Shock Mounts (pair)

Rear shock bracket kit complete with bolts allowing our alloy adjustable shock brackets to be fitted to your chassis , with 6 adjusting holes allowing for better adjustment of ride hight on your chassis 

rear shock mounts , 50mm center mounting hols 10mm bolt , and 1/2" unf tapped hole for shock bolt (price for a pair)

Rear stub axle kit threaded shock adjusters ( a pair )
Rear stub axle kitthreaded shock adjusters ( a pair )
a pair of bolt on stub axles complete with weld on mounting plates , ideal for front wheel drive cars using trailing arms on the rear

A pair of 3/4" threaded shock adjusters with aluminium shock holders , standard length is 200mm but can be made any length 

Vauxhall to Ford  J/Special wheel adapters 100mm CV adapters (weld on)
Vauxhall to Ford J/Special wheel adapters 100mm CV adapters (weld on)

alloy wheel adaprors from vauxhall to Ford for junior specials , can be used for other classes , price is for a pair

weld on CV adaptors , these can be welded on to gearbox CV,s to allow for the use of ford lobro joints (price each) 

light weight CV Machining Rear arm plate
light weight CV MachiningRear arm plate

this is YOUR own CV joints sent to us and we machine the set of 4 

rear arm tube plate , drilled for Sierra hubs 

rear arm tube rear arms
rear arm tuberear arms

rear arm tube , cut to the required angle ready for self build of rear arms 

rear arms , will take Sierra hubs , priced per pair

Rear wheel bearing kit Vauxhall rear hub adaptors
Rear wheel bearing kitVauxhall rear hub adaptors

rear wheel bearing kit to suit alloy bearing carriers (sierra type) price per side

Vauxhall rear hub adaptors , allow the use of Vauxhall shafts and cv joints on a rear wheel drive car , can be welded or bolted to rear arm tube 

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